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Let's Take a Journey Together...


Into the Circle Theatre's
Sacred Intention

Into the Circle Theatre is passionately rooted in reverently honouring the tradition of the seanchaí in a modern context.  Through the weaving  of Irish culture, history, folklore, and mythology, we share hallowed tales of women re-membering and re-claiming their embodied wisdom and sovereign power. 

Inspired by the sacredness and healing power of sharing stories,  

Into the Circle Theatre facilitates theatrical gatherings with the hopes of nourishing the soul, opening the heart, inspiring the mind, and alighting the spirit.

Upcoming Gatherings

Odyssey Theatre's

Myth, Lore, & Stories of Wonder

Into the Circle Theatre is excited to be a part of Odyssey Theatre's upcoming creative arts fair Myth, Lore, & Stories of Wonder - running from August 16-18 at Strathcona Park.

Under the majesty of mighty trees and the flowing Ottawa River, bring family and friends to an enchanting and immersive theatrical experience - sure to inspire your own creativity! With tales shared from across the globe, this weekend illuminates the art of storytelling at its finest.


Join Erica on Saturday August 17th at 2:15pm for a telling of Stars, Stones, and Shadows: A Heroine's Tale


In the company of some of Éire's (Ireland's) most ancient and prolific goddesses, take a sacred journey alongside Saoirse into the Otherworld  - as she remembers:

the wisdom of her body; 

the power of her voice;

and the magic of her spirit.

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In the Works

Uragh stone circle, County Kerry, Ireland.jpg

Dé thír mo Mháithreacha

Of the Land of My Mothers

"When you feel lost, place your trust

in the Mothers;

Claim her name in Her ancient tongue;

Reach your arms towards Her heavens and stars;

Rest your head upon Her breast;

Feel your feet upon Her earth;

And know that you are home."

A piece inspired through diasporic grief

and cultural longing, 

De thír mo Mháithreacha:

Of the Land of My Mothers

tells the tale of one Irish-Canadian woman's search for belonging. 

Upon returning to the lands of her ancestors, while held within the wise and wild the embrace of Éire [Ireland], she re-members that the magic and sagacity of the Irish matriarchs is alive and well within her

(where ever her feet may call home).

To know who you are and where you are going;

it helps to know where you come from.

Follow the creative process
of this sacred story at 

Weavings of the Wise & Embodied
(on Substack)

Previous Shows

Into the Circle Theatre's
Inaugural Show
Premiered at the 2023 Ottawa Fringe Festival

Stars, Stones, and Shadows
A Heroine's Tale

Mysticism. Magic. And lore. Traverse into the shadows of our heroine's journey, into the Otherworld, sacredly held by some of Ireland's most ancient and prolific goddesses.  


With the sturdy guidance and powerful presence of Macha, the Morrígan, and Brigid, our heroine goes within, as she remembers:


The wisdom of her body.


The power of her voice.


And the magic of her spirit.

[Show Art by: Devyn Sharpe, Sharpe Illusions Tattoo]

" ... spellbinding ..."

- Apartment 613 (Barb Popel)
Press Image_Show Art_Stars, Stones, and Shadows.jpg

Sacred Storyteller, Writer, Producer,

 Spiritual & Embodiment Counsellor,

Into the Circle Theatre's - Creative Visionary

As a sacred storyteller, spiritual counsellor, and ordained minister (through the Sacred Stream Foundation; in Berkeley, California), Erica's heart and soul centred work is grounded in creating sacred spaces where souls feel seen and heard. She believes in the embodied healing power of the human body and spirit; and the powerful medicine of storytelling.

Erica's eclectic background in the performing arts has taken her all over the world, including: Ottawa (9th Hour Theatre, 2023 Ottawa Fringe Festival, Ottawa Storytellers), Toronto (Theatre @ York; Bachelor of Arts, Specialized Honours in Theatre), Italy (ACLE) and New York (American Academy of Dramatic Arts).

To learn more about Erica's inspiration and approach to sacred storytelling, click here.

Erica O'Reilly

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