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What is
Sacred Storytelling ?


With my heart, soul, and ancestry being deeply rooted in Éire (Ireland), I carry within my blood and bones an embodied connection to the seanchtaí (storytelling), the Mná Feasa (the Wise Women), and the Mná Chaointe (the Keening Women). 


I truly believe in the embodied healing power of the human body and spirit.


And because I come from a performing arts background, I also believe  sharing our stories can be artful medicine. 


It all comes down to how we choose to embody and share them.

Sacred storytelling means bringing voice to the parts of yourself that have been hurt and choosing to witness the stories longing to be heard.  Hearing them with love.  Hearing them with compassion.  And then deciding to not allow that story to hold you back anymore.

When you bring your voice, when bring your body, when you bring your spirit, into a sacred space where you know you will be heard and held, it invites you to shift how you relate your past experiences.  By allowing your emotions (your embodied stories) to be expressed you can begin to shift your relationship to pain, suffering and trauma; moving from a place of feeling powerless; to one of feeling whole and power-filled.

For me, sacred storytelling is about choice.  Are you choosing to share your story from a point of alchemy and transformation?  Are you choosing to listen to your past experiences, from a grounded, compassionate perspective?  Or are you choosing to retell the stories from a place of feeling powerless?


Personally, I believe sacred storytelling (in whichever avenue resonates most for you) is all about alchemy, transformation, and taking your power back.

So whether it's in a spiritual counselling session or grounding call, or maybe you're interested bringing sacred storytelling to your next event or podcast, know that there is incredible medicine held in the sacred space of bringing your voice to your story.

Let’s Work Together

Interested in learning more about sacred storytelling for your upcoming event or podcast?  Send Erica an email. 

She would love to connect with you!

Ottawa, Ontario


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