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Your Embodied Wisdom Is...

Compassionate.  Nurturing.  Grounded.  Power-filled.  Steadfast

She is...

Creative.  Intuitive.  Instinctive.  Primordial.   Deeply Knowledgable.

She is...

Sacred.  Infinite.  Grace-filled.  Divinely Connected.

As women, our embodied wisdom is woven within our DNA.  Our physiological design is so much more, so much deeper, then creating, nurturing, and gestating life; whether or not you choose to have children.

Our bodies and our spirits are bridges between the physical and spiritual realms.

You are sacred, beautiful one; 

And everything you seeks rests within.

1:1 Counselling & Intuitive Services

These 1:1 offerings are a sacred space for you to tune into your embodied wisdom and sovereign power.

These offerings are rooted in supporting your ability to align with wisdom and healing that reside with 

your body and your spirit.


Spiritual Counselling Sessions

Dive within the depths of your inner world, with a focused, gentle, and profoundly introspective approach to tuning inwards and healing from the inside out

Spiritual Counselling sessions are designed to support you in understanding the root(s) cause(s) of habitual patterns, behaviours, emotions and/or experiences. 

Working within the integrative therapeutic modality of Depth Hypnosis, sessions typically involve working from a meditative, focused (yet relaxed) and concentrated state of being.

Due to the foundational nature of the initial sessions, new clients  are invited to consider participating in 3-5 sessions to gain a general sense of the supportive container that comes with this unique therapeutic process.

$135 / session (75mins)

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Grounding Calls

Immerse yourself within the sacred waters and knowings of your  body, mind and spirit, in a compassionate container for dialogue and self-reflection.

Grounding calls are a beautiful container to work within if you are new to meditation and/or are wanting to learn more about 'how' to lean into a stillness/spiritual practice.

These sessions are also a supportive for those  looking for a conversational approach to a counselling session - with a curiosity or openness towards intuitive ways of being and tuning inwards.

In addition, these sessions can be a supportive, compassionate space  for artist or entrepreneur with a desire to bring a project to life.

Sessions will vary based on your intention for each session.   They may or may not include gentle inquiry for discussion/reflection, breath work, guided visualizations, Oracle Card readings.

$111 / session (60mins)

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To learn more about Erica's background, certifications, and trainings, please click here.

To learn more about our cancellation policy, please click here.

To book a session with Erica, please email her at

Please note: all sessions are virtual (via Zoom).

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