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Wise & Embodied

We are the grand daughters.

We are the daughters.

We are the mothers.

We are the sisters.

We are the aunties.

We are the grandmothers.

We are the great grandmothers.

We are the Wise & Embodied.


When women gather together in sacred space,  they amplify the sacred space within themselves and the ability to tune into  their embodied wisdom.

As human beings, we are wired for community and connection.   And in today's modern society, in a culture that celebrates the grind, the hustle, and all that we "do", there is little space to connect, celebrate, and truly commune together.  There are few opportunities to truly gather together in stillness to witness ourselves and each other.

Wise & Embodied Women's circles, workshops, and gatherings are about nurturing and nourishing time together.  It is about creating time and opportunities for you to tune into your embodied wisdom.  It is about holding hallowed grounds for you see, express, and witness your connection to your body, your spirit, your journey - and that of the women who walk along side you.

While specific circles or workshops will come and go, if you feel called to gather with soul sisters for special event and are looking for someone to help you facilitate a sacred gathering, let's connect.  I would love to hear your inspiration or intention, and help you create sacred space for you and your community.

Wise & Embodied Women's Offerings

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Circles & Workshops

W&E Inbox Offering

1:1 Counselling Services

Spiritual Counselling or Grounding Calls are 1:1 sessions tailored to support you along your journey.

Collaborate with Erica to create a customized and facilitated sacred gathering for you and your people.

Stay attuned to upcoming W&E events and received a shared 3 Card Oracle Reading with the seasonal inbox offering.

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