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Weavings of the
Wise & Embodied

Faílte/ Welcome, Beautiful Soul.  

Let's take a journey together; along this sacredly winding path as we re-member the wisdom and magic woven within

our blood and bones.  

Why Substack

And what you can expect

Weavings of the Wise & Embodied is for you, if:

  • You're someone who loves poetic prose, writings that peak your curiousity, or stories that stir and inspire your soul

  • You're seeking a soulful place to rest amoungst a growing, nurturing community

  • You're seeking a sacredly held place to dive into deeper relationship with your(inner)self

  • You're seeking a nourishing place to nurture, explore, and reflect upon your connection to your spiritual and ancestral landscape

  • You're interested in learning more about Erica's personal journey, perspective, and/or creative process

Still curious? Read a personal note from Erica (below)


A chara/ Dear Friend,

As a creative and sensitive soul, I am very intentional about the spaces that I curate.  

I also truly believe in the incredibly powerful medicine that is found in sharing our stories; whether we are the teller or the experiencer.

Through Substack, I am able to curate an intentional and sacred space for us to gather through written and spoken word.   While pieces will be rooted in, or inspired by, my personal journey as a sacred storyteller and spiritual counsellor, I truly envision it as a space for us to share and create together.

Weavings of the Wise & Embodied has a general landing page for you to explore.   After reading or listening to an article, there is the option to connect with me and each other within the comment section.  I would love for this to be a space for us to engage compassionately with each other.  What I've learnt over the years is: sometimes the greatest gift we can offer one another is to bear witness to their story. 


This is the sacred intention of Weavings of the Wise & Embodied.

I will share pieces on a bi-weekly basis; with the option to read and/or listen at your leisure.  Should you wish to receive the publications fresh off the presses, simply click the 'subscribe' option and include your email address.   


All the publishings will come from my heart and soul.  While Substack does have the options for self-publishers to create paid subscriptions services with additional offers,  I don't feel we're there... yet.


Right now Weavings of the Wise & Embodied is in her early days.  During this time, I want to take care in connecting with you, and the community, to learn what this could look like in the future.  Currently, access to archival pieces and comment communications are accessible to everyone; so, please feel welcome to peruse, introduce yourself, and get a sense of the space. 

And, if I can be completely honest, in today's society, where we're all bombarded with news, information, and advertisement overload, I am exhausted with the capitalistic and consumer undertones and intentions found within all elements of our lives - including general social media platforms.  We don't need any more of that.

I'm not here to sell to you.  I'm here to connect with you.

The invitation is simply and gently: let's take a journey together.

Through the sharing of stories and the written word, I offer you the opportunity to nurture, nourish, and reflect on the connection you have with yourself (and your inner world).  I offer you a hallowed place for solace and reflection.  I offer you a circle  to be held within; may you relish and flourish in the connection of community and sacred space.

Weavings of the Wise & Embodied is a space for all of us to come together, with a cuppa tea, for a read (or a listen) and a chat.   Let's grow, inspire, and nurture each other as we journey together.

Mo ghrá go léir/ All my love,



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