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Fáilte.  Beannachtaí.
Welcome.  Blessings.

May this be a sacred space to support you along your journey;

As you tune into wisdom, healing, and magic that rests in your body and spirit.

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Erica O'Reilly


Dear Beautiful Soul,

It is an honour to hold space for you as you re-member and reclaim the wisdom of your body, the power of your voice, and the magic of your spirit. 


As a spiritual counsellor and sacred storyteller, I believe within all of us resides a sacred space.  A well that holds the sacred waters of our ancient being - woven within our spirit and DNA.

When you feel safe to trust the wisdom of your body and spirit, you move into a powerful and pivotal state of being.  From here, from this sacred space of deeply knowing and trusting yourself, you can alchemize, weave, and transform what once hurt you into your embodied wisdom and sovereign freedom.

With a heart-centred and compassionate approach, my intention is to offer sacred spaces where you feel grounded and empowered along your own journey. 

You are the light, you are seeking. 

You are your own greatest healer.

My role is to support you as you navigate your inner world.  I am here as a guiding light, as you align with your Inner Bean Feasa (Wise Woman - in Irish). ​

All the wisdom, health, vitality, and answers you are seeking reside within you. The question becomes: when will you heed the call of your body and spirit to tune inwards and listen?

Should you feel called to walk the inner path, know that you do not need to journey alone.

Le grá,

(With love)

~ Erica


"We are the divine reflected in bodies.  We are the echoes of our ancestors. 
We are the Wise & Embodied."

~ Erica O'Reilly 

Spiritual & Embodiment Counsellor,

Sacred Storyteller


About Erica

I believe in my dán [a soul gift, purpose, or destiny] is to act as a guide between the physical realm of the body and the Otherworld of Spirit.


I believe in the Irish & matriarchal wisdom that runs deep in my blood and bones -  including that of the Mná Fesa (the Wise Women), the Mná Leighas (the Medicine Women), and the Mná Chaointe (the Keening Women).


I believe in my sacred connection to the Áes Dána (People of the Arts) and the tradition of the seanchaí (Irish storytelling) to speak of magic, spirit, mythology, medicine, and change.


I believe in the sacred invitations of our shadow in order to understand the stories that we carry in our bodies and spirits connected to our pain, suffering, fear and trauma.


I believe in the wisdom of the body.  I believe in the power of the voice.  I believe in the magic of the spirit.


I believe in the well of one's inner wisdom.


I believe in the sacred circle held within Otherworld, tended to by the wise and well, the healed and whole.

These are the roots that I hold space from; for myself and for you.


Supportive Spaces for Your Journey

"To heal our wounds we need to have the courage to face them" - Paulo Coehlo

Wise & Embodied


(Soul Gatherings)

Gather in sacred space with soul aligned women who desire to know themselves more deeply

Spiritual Counselling Sessions


Get to the root of the wound and begin to heal from the inside out




Come back to centre and clarity within the presence of your divine feminine energy 


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Here, Erica shares more on her personal experiences in navigating the physical and spiritual realms; alongside the creative process
of a new sacred story coming into being.

Pieces are shared on a bi-weekly basis - with the option to receive each publication directly to your email.

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